Sarah Hargreaves
Sarah is a professional management consultant and trainer specialising in people and organisation development.
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Sarah Hargreaves was an excellent trainer who was willing to listen and tailor the training to our needs. All of the content was relevant and stimulating. I was motivated by the training and encouraged to think strategically. Sarah facilitated the drawing up of an Action Plan for our hospice board which we are going to progress.
Lucinda Watt, Vice Chair of a hospice which commissioned an in-house masterclass
Sarah undertook a major high-profile and complex project, which she has accomplished very successfully. She has very high standards for her own work and that of others.
Tom Wylie, OBE, then Chief Executive, National Youth Agency
Tom Wylie, OBE, then Chief Executive, National Youth Agency National Youth Agency
I highly recommend Sarah for her:
  • Ability to grasp quickly the approach, values and priorities of the organisation
  • Ethical and transparent approach that gains trust from those involved
  • Energy and warmth engaged in delivering the work
  • Knowledge and expertise focused on working out possible ways forward
  • Skills in facilitation, and her
  • Attention to detail and commitment to keeping to time and to budget.
David Praill, Chief Executive, Hospice UK Hospice UK
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