Hospice Trustee – ‘what you need to know

January - February 2017

Sarah Hargreaves is the facilitator for the Hospice UK series of one-day masterclasses for hospice trustees to develop their understanding and awareness of the trustee's role and responsibilities in running an effective hospice. Two of these workshops have been delivered so far in 2017. Douglas Macmillan Hospice hosted the first one on 25 January 2017. Participants were trustees from five hospices and they all left with actions to take on their return. 

The comments from Jean-Pierre Parsons, Katharine House Hospice, whose main career was in NHS management reflected those of the group: “I thought we had an excellent day and covered a lot of interesting material.  Also, very helpful to be with a good group who all contributed positively.”

Individuals’ action points emphasised the new fundraising regulations and engaging more with sub-committees as part of the induction process. 

The second workshop was offered on a bespoke basis for trustees from four hospices in North East Wales. Nightingale House Hospice hosted the event on 1 February 2017 for sixteen delegates. The feedback on the day confirmed expectations were mainly met both for learning from discussions with other trustees and content. Several participants would have liked a session on training and support for volunteers, which was an optional topic. Hospice UK is giving particular emphasis to the importance of volunteers in the February BBC1 Lifeline charity appeal in which Welsh broadcaster Gethin Jones will present a number of moving stories from Robin House in Scotland and Royal Trinity Hospice in London. It will be shown on BBC 1 Sunday 19 February and on BBC 2 on Wednesday 22 February. 

Feedback from earlier events on best features, the facilitator and specific gains included:

• The interaction with people with a range of experiences.  Great to hear from people who had been in the role a long time and good to know they felt they still had lots to learn. Good to hear from people with new fresh ideas. Really well facilitated.

• The opportunity to flex the agenda, share experiences.

• Excellent facilitator

• Facilitator had excellent technical knowledge and experience. No question was left unanswered.

• I gained the idea of 6 month mutual review for new trustees giving them the option to leave and for the hospice board to say that this is not the fit we thought it would be.

• It enabled me to focus on issues that have been in the background and need attention.

• It was a 'fantastic day'. We stayed grounded and I learnt a lot.

The next masterclass is on 28 March at St Gemma’s Hospice, Leeds.  

These masterclasses are quarterly with events planned in the South East in summer 2017 and London in the autumn. For more information contact Ruth Reid.

Sarah will also facilitate bespoke options of this masterclass as requested by individual or small groups of hospices. 


Moving on from conflict – beginning to plan for the future

December 2016

The Youth Team of a Community Housing Association recognised they could not engage fully with creating their strategy for the next 3-5 years until they had further resolved the impact of staffing issues in the previous 6 months. 

Sarah, as an Associate of Practical Participation first worked with individuals, then groups of peers and finally the whole team to identify the remaining common motivation for the work in future and to understand the continued impact on colleagues of the behaviour and events. The process enabled people to appreciate the impact of their words and actions, to talk more openly with each other than before, and it led to agreed action points within a timescale. 


Research into models of young people’s participation in decision making

December 2015 – March 2016

Sarah was one of the Practical Participation research team commissioned by the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) to undertake research into youth participation in grant making. HLF intend to use the research to inform the planning of a new initiative to be launched in 2016-17, which will make a small number of substantial grants. It will be designed to embed youth engagement in the heritage sector and improve its sustainability. 

The project involved significant desk research and semi-structured interviews with young people and workers. We were finding current models and methods for young people’s participation in advocacy and decision making related to grant making and commissioning. From these we created a tailored model to recommend to the Heritage Lottery Fund for their upcoming young people initiative. The process and the report were well received by the commissioners of the research.

Sarah blogged about the impact on her of current work with young people on participation in March 2016. 




DP Evaluation - Evaluation of 'Young people on the global stage: their education and influence'

From December 2015- September 2016, Doerte Pommerening (Co-director) and Sarah Hargreaves (Associate) undertook the evaluation of this EU funded three year project, which was delivered by five partners: Tide~ global learning and University of Exeter in the UK, FERE-CECA Madrid in Spain, A Roche [Kenya] in Kenya and TANGO in The Gambia.